Welcome to College Plan Today

How you pay for your child’s college education is a process and many parents don’t know where to begin. As parents, we always want to provide the best for our children, no matter what the cost. But when it comes to College, what is the cost?
We believe the true cost of college can be summed up into three parts:

No matter what the cost is, it shouldn’t outweigh other financial priorities like saving for retirement or paying the house off. No parent should go broke to educate their children.
Proper College Planning must have a structured approach in order to be effective. As Certified College Planning Specialists (CCPS®) we have the unique capability of helping families by:

1) Selecting the right school for the right major
2) Lowering the cost of college using tuition discounts and other academic recruiting techniques
3) Creating proven efficient cash flow strategies to pay the balance.
With our services you will learn to:
  • Truly understand what EFC (expected family contribution) means to your family
  • Eliminate any inefficient funding strategies
  • Minimize your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Navigate through career, school, and major selection
  • Identify the appropriate savings strategy prior to admission