When should you start the College Planning process?

Although the sooner, the better, it is never too late to start the college planning process. Whether your child is 1 years old or 1 year away from starting college, we can help. The most important aspect to a good college plan is having an efficient one.

Many parents focus too much of their time on the "saving" aspect of college. The reality is, even the most diligent of savers will not have amassed enough to cover the cost of a 4 year degree.

With that in mind, we believe parents should spend more time around saving on and paying for college. Since tuition inflation continues to increase at levels way above economic inflation, we need to be more intentional. Having a complete understanding of how scholarships, financial aid, and school discounting works, can prove to be more beneficial than trying to sack away more money to cover college costs. And learning how to pay for college more efficiently, without sacrificing your retirement, or going into debt, is even more valuable.

Whatever the case, if your plan for college is not an efficient plan, when you start it is not as important as how you finish.

If what you thought to be true about college planning wasn’t true, when would you want to know?