How do you begin the college financial planning process?
At College Plan Today we start by answering the 3 toughest college planning questions that parents face!

1.) How will a particular school facilitate my child’s desired field of study?

2.) How much will it cost?

3.) How will that cost impact other financial goals?
  • Retirement
  • Paying the house off
  • Other children’s education

    Most parents that are faced with these realities resort to either sacrificing their current lifestyle, robbing from their retirement, or going into debt.

    How are we different?
    In working together with families, we are able to show them ways to efficiently save for, save on, and pay for college without it affecting their current lifestyle, by using the resource they already have.

    Without a sound process on how you are going to fund your child’s education, you could end up:

    A) Spending far more than you should
    B) Missing out on aid opportunities
    C) Choosing the “wrong” college